Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cutie Elliana

Elli is learning how to use her hands.
It's so fun to watch her learn and grow. Boy, she's growing fast.

Tree hunting

We decided to cut our tree down this year. It was fun and cold.

Nay and Elli

He hath found the tree

Good job baby, cut that tree down.

Kaylee and Cheila

Day on the Mountain

Having fun at Rod and Diane's house

The girls clearly had fun on their quad ride with Josiah

I had to post this because it is not only a rare sighting of Lisa but rare footage as well. We should all take a minute to remember the moment............ That was nice. :)

Cute cousins

Siah, I think she likes babies. Hmmmm.
-This is Ashley, Josiah's girl playing with Elli.

Chay and Elli

Just a cute picture of Cheila and Elli

Malachi and Elli

Malachi came over to play the other day. Aren't they cute!
(Malachi is Luke and Holllie's baby. He was born a week before Elli. Luke is Janae's cousin.)

Yeah, babies!!!!!!!!!!! I love babies. :)