Friday, January 23, 2009

Update- The Stewarts

What a beautiful family.

We got the privilage of being able to spend alittle bit of time with Eli, Mandy and Ava on their travels.
We love you guys.

Update- Christmas

I took these on Christmas Eve.
My girls are so cute.

Christmas Day

Christmas Chaos

Tam planned a few activities for our Christmas event.
First she asked all the friends, boyfriends and girlsfriends to come up to the front and she asked them some funny questions. It was great.

Nicole and Amy laughing at the responses.

Second, she had Grandpa, Eric, Hollie and Luke read a skit of Jesus' birth.

It was so funny because Luke started off reading his part, Joseph, with some kind of accent. He wasn't really sure what kind of accent one would have as Joseph and ended up with a Hispanic accent. It was really funny listening to him act out the part of Joseph as if he were Hispanic.
I have no pictures because I was videoing it.

Update- Jer & Liv

Jeremy and Olivia came to visit a few days before Christmas.
It was fun to see them and for them to meet Elli. It's hard not being able to spend more time with them.

Happy Birthday Jer

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hey look! It snowed.

And snowed...

And snowed...

And snowed!
We got a good 2 feet of snow.

So Olivia & I decided to go quading in it. That was alot of fun, except it was so deep that we couldn't even go off roading!

-Jeremy & Olivia had just arrived from Anchorage to visit us for a few days. They left the snow, well, just in time for snow. They said that we actually had more snow than they did!!

Arden shoveling his walkway before Christmas in hopes that people will actually come!
Thanks for letting us borrow your quad Grandpa. :)