Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beach Trip I

John (Dad) & Matt waving
-How sweet

Corona on the beach

-Elli kept 'licking' the wind

We had fun hanging out on the beach and enjoyed fellowship together

Beach Trip II

We ran from the waves

Elli felt the beach sand on her toes for the first time
(It was cold!!)

We enjoyed the hot tub

Beach Trip III

Harleen & Cheila went to school

We found Dorothy's house

Grandpa spent time with Elli while the girls played soccer on the beach

Beach Trip IV

We went on bumper cars

Cape Disappointment

Friday, May 15, 2009

Birthday girl Cheila

Cheila is officially 11 years old today.
I think she is actually turning 15 tomorrow. (Or maybe she thinks that.)
Anyway, I can't believe that I have a daughter that old. I guess that makes me old. That means that I turn 31 soon!!!!
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